How to soundproof your home

Today’s houses can be very noisy. Noise can be highly distracting and annoying. You can have a hard time enjoying good sleep or even concentrating on anything with too much noise. Open floor plans, lightweight construction, and machines are some of the culprits for noise in most homes today. The good news is that there is something you can do to soundproof your home so that you get to enjoy some quiet in your home.

Ways to have a quiet home

Use materials that absorb sound


Use materials that will help you control sound within a room. Since soft surfaces absorb sound waves, use soft materials like padded carpets and acoustic ceilings to minimize sound around a room. You can also reduce some interior noises using curtains that block sound. Avoid using hard materials such as laminates, tiles, and hardwood since hard surfaces reflect sound waves.

Reduce the noisemakers

When you purchase appliances, opt for quiet appliances. Manufacturers have dealt with the noise problem by making quiet premium models. You can also prevent noise in your home by making sure that your appliances are working properly. Listen for noises that your home appliances make, for instance, vibrations, rattles, and buzzing, and if you notice the sound they make is unusually loud, take care of it by fixing it.

Install doors that block sound

Most interior doors are constructed using hollow-core doors that are ineffective in sound blocking. Therefore, when building or remodeling, install solid-core doors to help you stop noise from moving from one room to the other. Solid-core doors help to prevent the transference of sound by eliminating the drum-like construction of hollow-core doors.

Silence noisy pipes

Pipes can chatter, rattle, and make loud bangs when you flush the toilet or turn off the faucets. You can take care of this problem by installing a water hammer arrestor on both the cold and hot water pipes.

Consider your garage doors

remodelingleftsjdkfgbConsider the garage door if there is a room above or next to the garage. You can buy a premium garage door that is filled with interior foam insulation and interior panels to help you reduce the sound and noise garage doors make.

You already know that a peaceful home is a happy home. Have a quiet and peaceful home by using the ways mentioned above to block out noise from your home.…

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