How to protect wood floors from damage


Wood flooring is a popular choice. It adds warmth and elegance to any space, and it is durable and lasts for long. It is a timeless flooring option, and if it is properly cared for, it can last a lifetime. While wood floors require extra effort for cleaning and protection, they are worth it because they are beautiful and long-lasting. Here are some things you can do to help you protect your wood floors and make them last a lifetime.

Regular cleaning

Sweeping and cleaning regularly is an easy way of protecting your wood floors. Small particles of gravel, dust, and dirt can make your floors look dull, dent, and be scratched when they are stepped on. Ensure that you often sweep to eliminate all elements that can reduce your floors’ life.flooringrighthgdsjfhgkb

Avoid mopping

Mopping wood floors saturates the wood in moisture causing water to seep into the wood fibers, causing boards to warp, swell, or twist leading to permanent damage of hardwood. Wood floors that are in need of deep cleaning can be cleaned using a damp rag and be immediately dried with the use of a towel.

Choose cleaning products carefully

You should always be careful with the cleaners you use on the wood floors. Some products can damage your floors when you repeatedly use them. They can dull your hardwood shine and strip off the finish. Contact a professional on wood flooring to help you choose the best and safe cleaners for your home. Avoid products that use ammonia and vinegar, since they are acidic and this can etch or dull your floors over time. Also, you should avoid using oil soaps as they can make the finish on the hardwood dull, and create a buildup that can be hard to remove.

Type of shoes

It is important that you check the type of shoes you wear around the house. High heels can act as tiny hammers that can cause great damage to your wood floors. Cleats do the same damage as heels so make sure to pay attention to kids that are returning from football to ensure that they remove their shoes at the door.

Buy rugs and carpets

flooringleftfsdghkjPlace rugs and carpets in traffic areas like entryways and hallways to help protect your floors. Doormats are also great in protecting your floors as they prevent dust, and dirt from entering your house.

Proper, regular maintenance is what your wood floors need to help them keep their shine, luster, and last for generations.