About Us

About Us

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We have become South Florida’s premiere landscape company with our great depth of expertise and our track record of problem solving and consistent execution.

JC Enterprise Services has
set the standard by which architects, builders, and developers have measured top quality and performance in custom landscaping for over fifteen years.

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Our Technological Advantage…

Our technological advantage results from the continual upgrading of both landscaping maintenance and construction equipment. We recruit from leading universities and technical colleges to find the most qualified consultants, project managers, and job supervisors. We then equip them with the latest state of-the-art computer technology for landscape design, estimating, scheduling and financial management. Our creative team of landscape architects and designers are unsurpassed in their ability to blend their artistic talent with landscaping needs of our clients, continually producing amazing results.

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Our Values…

While the size and scope of our projects has expanded, we have never lost sight of our values: Customer Service, Continual Innovation, Flawless Execution, and Attention to Detail. We continuously strive to meet and exceed the expectations of every customer in delivery of our product and service. When our uniformed professional maintenance crews show up at your property in modern, freshly cleaned vehicles, you can be confident they will perform at the highest level, and in a courteous manner.

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Juan C. Arzola

Juan C. Arzola is one of our most talented landscape designer; he uses nature as a means of self expression. His sensitivity and originality have attracted the attention of many and his passion for excellence reflects in all of his designs whether they be estate gardens, resort hotels, urban design, community or recreational, domestic or international.

He has published some of his work in the following magazines and publications: Florida Design Magazine, South Florida Home Magazine, Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel, and many others.

Our Publications

Undertaken with innovative artistry and superb craftsmanship, our work has been recognized with awards for design excellence and with the praise of satisfied customers.

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